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A brief introduction about myself

I enjoy curling, board games, comics, coffee, and a good book. Which I guess makes me either really awesome or a dork. I used to play and write music, am a Freemason, and find this entertaining.




I work for Yardstick as their Systems Administrator.

I studied Computing Science and Business at the University of Alberta and am now working towards my Bachelor of Commerce with a major in finance. I was fortunate enough to be included on the Dean's List [Honours_List_Public_Doc_July_2012.pdf] with a GPA of 3.8 out of 4.

I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta but am proud to say I grew up in the small (we're talking population 300!) farming community of Holden, Alberta.

I am married to the beautiful Erin Umrysh and am father to two awesome little men, Seth and Emmett.

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My Interests

AKA How I Spend My Time

I thoroughly enjoy writing code as a way to learn new methods for solving problems. I currently spend most of my time writing in JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python but would love to sink my teeth in assembly language. I try to post the majority of my code up on either github or
Being part of the safety team at Genics Inc I have obtained a bunch of certifications. I also have had the opportunity to complete numerous external safety audits for companies through the ACSA's peer audit program and, utilizing some software I threw together, I have translated the entirety of the Defensive Driving presentation into Spanish. With the help of an interpreter (and patience of the students) I have taught sessions to students who speak very little English.
Health & Safety
Back in 2007 my wife, sister-in-law and cousin decided to put in a team and try our hand at the sport of curling. In 2013 our team successfully made the playoffs and have now begun a new journey: starting our own league. As part of the organizing committee I currently fill the roles of: treasurer, league scheduling, and website administration. More information about the league can be found at and on facebook. I also randomly blog about the league and post photos.
Curling League


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